Wall insulation

Most heat escapes through the roof, but another major culprit is the external walls. With a free-standing home, this amounts up to a heat loss of around 20%.
Wall insulation can thus save you a great deal of money.



  • Reduced waste due to practical size
  • Allows thinner walls and more habitable living space
  • Tongue and groove edge finishing reduces thermal brdiging and provides airtight walls when combined with UNITAPE
  • High thermal performance
  • Easy to install
  • Also available with a 25mm flexible mineral wool insulation adhered on one side, allowing application on rough block walls and avoiding air rotations


  • 100% textured aluminium facing with improved fire rating
  • Reduced waste due to practical size
  • Allows thinner walls and more valuable living space
  • Tongue and groove junctions reduces thermal bridging
  • High thermal performance
  • Easy to install

UNILIN wall insulation offers a thinner structure thanks to PIR

Compared to other materials, PIR insulation has a very favourable lambda value (0.022 W/mK) which results in higher R values at relatively low insulation thicknesses. This means that you can build a thinner wall compared to EPS and mineral wool.

Easy to process and install

Thanks to the tongue-and-groove connection, the boards offer not only easy installation, but also a good connection of the insulation. All that remains to be done is to tape off the connections with UNITAPE in order to have a complete vapour barrier and achieve full airtightness.

Extensive offer in facing

The classic PIR board has an aluminium multilayer facing, but UNILIN offers also a facing with pure aluminium lining (UTHERM WALL A), suitable for a wall structure where a higher fire reaction class is required.

Irregularities evened out

With the UTHERM WALL FLEX board, thanks to the layer of glass wool, irregularities in the existing inner wall are evened out and you get no air rotation or wind penetration behind the board. Ideal for your renovation project.

UNILIN likes to help you with your insulation project


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