Luxury showcase home gets top-flight roof panels

February 2016

Pitched Roof

Using a design conceived by international firm David Reid Homes but adapted to suit the location, property developer Marc Hodghton's latest project pushes the boundaries in terms of meeting design and performance.  Building a home that utilizes the benefits of modern methods of construction, Marc was able to combine exceptional style with the vital practical requirements of a 21st Century home.  Thanks to the considerable attributes of Unilin's roof panels, Marc was able to deliver a solution that ensures high levels of thermal performance for minimum energy consumption as well as improved sound insulation, vital due to the home's location near a busy flight path. 

The five-bedroom luxury home features 473m2 of Unilin panels on pitched, pent and flat roof structures. Unilin roof panels are not only excellent thermal insulators, contributing to reducing energy consumption, but have been identified as offering multiple benefits to contractors and installers alike.   

"I chose Unilin roof panels because they offered me the thermal performance I was after to make this development more sustainable," comments Marc Hodghton. "Due to the location of the home, it was also important that the whole structure should provide a high level of acoustic insulation as well, and again Unilin panels helped deliver what I needed. In fact, the positive reduction in energy consumption and the sound absorption qualities of the house, were two key factors in the local council granting planning permission for the home.

"Given the factory built nature of the panels, I was also able to easily accommodate the various roof structures used and I found the whole design, specification and installation process extremely efficient," continued Marc. "Overall, Unilin delivered on all fronts, with price, performance, delivery and the eight-metre multi-span all contributing to their successful specification.


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