Overview virbrant housing distrcit

Shipyard becomes vibrant new housing district in Amsterdam

March 2021


In Amsterdam, the Netherlands, a brand new city district is being built on historic land. With as many as 1,800 newly built flats, this part of Amsterdam will be home to many people and a variety of shops. The bold architectural style immediately catches the eye and is as diverse as the city itself. Three local architects combined their visions into one surprising residential area!
  • Contractor: Sorba Projects
  • Architect: 3 architecten Paul de Ruiter, Ronald Janssen en Bastiaan Jongerius
  • Size of location: 2000 m²
  • Location: Amsterdam
  • Project developper: Van Wijnen
The former Oostenburg shipyard was once the base of the United East India Company. That industrial history is still recognisable in today's sturdy architecture of the project's appartment blocks.

The 1,800 new homes were drawn by three architects from Amsterdam. The result is a surprising mix of styles, tough materials and creative details. Each building has a very individual look that blends nicely into the bigger picture.

Fire-safe insulation is important

Sorba Projects is a specialist in facade construction. For Van Wijnen, Sorba Projects took on the cladding of six blocks in various materials, including Corten steel, aluminium and concrete. Unilin Insulation was chosen for three main reasons: delivery time, price and quality. The buildings are a combination of residential houses and ground-floor retail premises. The public character of the buildings make fire safety essential.

The prescribed standards could be achieved with phenolic insulation boards Usafe Wall LB. Thanks to their low lambda value of 0.020 W/m.K, the 100 mm and 120 mm slim insulation boards enable thin constructions with a high insulation value. "Ideal for certain facade packages where space is limited," says Van Hardeveld. In addition, the insulation boards comply with fire class B-s1.

2,000 m² Usafe Wall LB

To complete the prescribed insulation values, Van Hardeveld compared several suppliers. "When it comes to delivery times, price and quality, I go for the most beneficial party," says Van Hardeveld, who found a good discussion partner in Unilin Insulation. Unilin Insulation thinks along about the best insulation application for each project. "In doing so, we fully convince our client of the quality of our workmanship and premium product."

In total, the contractor installed about 2,000 square metres of Usafe Wall LB on the facades. These phenolic insulation boards feature both a convenient 4-sided step edge finishing for a good connection of the insulation boards, and an easy installation because of the light weight.


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