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Fire-safe kitchen for vulnerable youth and adults

May 2022

Tordale is a Belgian initiative that supports vulnerable children and adults in various ways. From guidance through the day to guided living, a lot is possible. In Torhout, Belgium, Tordale is building a new dining hall and large kitchen with great attention to the new Belgian fire legislation. This is a clear example of how insulation also contributes to fire safety.
  • Used products:  UTHERM WALL A
  • Contractor: Philip Koekelare
  • Architect: Kris Devolder
  • Location: Torhout

Fire safety is a priority

The kitchen and dining room will be located in a spacious new building. Since it is not a single-family house, the new Belgian fire legislation applies. That legislation requires low-rise buildings with cavity walls to use facade bricks with fire resistance EI 15 or better. 

In this project, architect Kris Devolder opted for a REI 120 brick in combination with PIR. "PIR has an excellent value for money and is a good insulator." The fire resistance of the facade stone already meets the requirements. Yet, by choosing Utherm Wall A, which has a fire reaction class D-s2,d0, the facade meets more than the required fire safety standards. Indeed, this insulation board has a better fire reaction class than required.

3 advantages of Utherm Wall A

For contractor Philip, it is a pleasure to work with the Utherm Wall A. "Installation and sawing goes very smoothly. In addition, we have little waste because we can usually reuse remnants. A third advantage is the compactness. The boards are easily stackable, which contributes to a clean building site."

We can only agree with Philip's enthusiasm. The combination of improved fire reaction class and ease of use make the Utherm Wall A an excellent insulation solution.


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Utherm brochure

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Technical data sheet UTHERM WALL A

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Declaration of Performance - UTHERM WALL A

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Used products


  • High performance rigid PIR foam insulation board
  • The board comprisesa textured aluminium foil facing
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 13165
  • Corresponds to fire class D-s2-d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1
  • Thermal conductivity 0,022 W/m.K

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