Multi-family house Varsenare overview shot

Architecture meets fire safety in Varsenare, Belgium

March 2022


In Varsenare, Belgium, architectural company a[RT] and contractor Tom Vansteelandt are currently working together on an architectural multi-family house where the a[RT] went for an unusual design. The contractor is currently insulating the facade. "We consciously chose Utherm Wall A because this way the insulation scores better than the mandatory minimum for mid-rise buildings".
  • Used products:  UTHERM WALL A
  • Contractor: Tom Vansteelandt
  • Architect: a[RT]
  • Location: Varsenare

Charming architecture in Varsenare

A small-scale project is being realised in the centre of Varsenare, near Bruges, Belgium. The multi-family house comprises eight units in an atypical architecture. Both the roof and the facade will be finished with ceramic tiles. A special concept in which eight families will soon be able to come home.

Fire-safe construction

Fire safety is essential in today's building projects and also plays a prominent role within this architecture. As this project is a multi-family house, a medium-height building and has a ventilated facade, different fire requirements apply.

Therefore, this project had to meet a lot of regulations. Architect Denis Rogiest was mindful of this from the very first designs as he deliberately prescribed Utherm Wall A to insulate the facade. "The insulation used here has a fire class D-s2, d0 and scores better than the minimum we have to provide in medium-high-rise buildings. Hence the choice."

Utherm Wall A, the optimal choice

At Unilin Insulation, we always advise with an eye on the future. After all, you can never score too well on insulation value and fire safety. In this context, Utherm Wall A is the perfect choice for medium-rise buildings. 

Yet, insulation is not the only factor within building fire-safe. Fire requirements should always be considered within the entire system. This makes a well-considered combination of different materials so important.


At Unilin Insulation, we are already looking forward to seeing that final result! With qualitative and fire-safe insulation, a bright future is in the making for this building project and its residents.


Would you like additional advice on fire-safe building and insulation? Or learn more about the right insulation materials for a specific building project? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will be happy to help you!


Utherm brochure

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Technical data sheet UTHERM WALL A

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Declaration of Performance - UTHERM WALL A

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Used products


  • High performance rigid PIR foam insulation board
  • The board comprisesa textured aluminium foil facing
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN 13165
  • Corresponds to fire class D-s2-d0 in accordance with EN 13501-1
  • Thermal conductivity 0,022 W/m.K

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