UNILIN Sarking boards are used to insulate a pitched roof from the outside. The great advantage compared to insulating from the inside is the uninterrupted insulation shield and the exclusion of thermal bridges.


Insulate from the outside with Sarking insulation boards

Sarking is the most appropriate solution for post-insulating your roof in a fast and energy-efficient manner from the outside.

Prevent thermal bridges

Today a traditional roof is generally insulated with mineral wool from the inside. The advantage of this classic approach is that you can install the insulation between the rafters or spars, so there´s no loss of space. With a Sarking structure, the PIR insulation boards are installed on top of the supporting structure, so that thermal bridges are excluded and you create an airtight insulation shield. 

High insulation value and easy to process

UNILIN´s Sarking insulation boards are characterised by a high thermal insulation and thinner insulation structure thanks to a lambda value of 0.022 W/mK. The tongue-and-groove system ensures a perfect windtight fit. The boards can be installed quickly and easily, thanks to their light weight.

Boards with already adhesively-bonded underlay

The Sarking PLUS PIR L boards are already equipped with an underlay felt on 1 side. Thanks to the self-adhesive overlap, you create a wind- and watertight roof in a single movement. The SARKING COMFORT PIR L board has on 1 side a wood fibre underlay board of 35 mm. With this you not only achieve better acoustics but the vapour-permeable underlay also guarantees an efficient moisture balance. 

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