Usystem Roof SW Easy Airtight

Usystem Roof SW Easy Airtight

Structural insulated sandwich roof panel with increased airtightness

Sandwich roof panels are composed of PIR insulation, a vapour barrier, an airtight timber fillet, an external 12 mm chipboard (on demand a 12 mm OSB possible) and a choice of internal board finishes.

Application Ventilated roof applications with a variety of finishes such tiles, slate, metal etc.
Installation On purlins, with cross installation onto traditional trusses possible
Insulation Polyisocyanurate (PIR)

Possible finishes

Product specifications

There are 6 options, each with their own visible aspect:

CB Green

CB Green

Name of the element CB Green
Thickness[mm] (E) 12
Width[mm] (F) 1200
Min./Max. length[mm] 2400-8000
Finishing Moisture-resistant P5 chipboard

Additional product specifications


1. The polyisocyanurate (PIR)

The PIR is covered on both sides with a multilayer laminate and has a density of ca. 32 kg/m³, a compressive strength of 0.20 N/mm², a water absorption capacity of max. 5.5 vol.% and a λ-value of 0.023 W/mK.

2. Vapour barrier

The Vapour Control Layer (VCL) is composed of a multi-layer gastight laminate.

3. Counterbattens

There are 3 counterbattens per roof panel, composed of European pine in accordance with NEN 5466. The nominal dimensions are 20 x 30 mm. Optionally a variant without counter battens can be proposed in case a breathable membrane is applied on the Roof SW Easy Airtight panels.

4. Easy Airtight

The Easy Airtight system is composed of a patented airtight timber fillet which seals the connection between each panel. The fillet slots into a rebate (13 mm x 29 mm) precut into the PIR core just behind the internal finish. This rebate runs along the entire length of the panel and by using the USYSTEM accessories ensures "Passivhaus" levels of Airtightness.

Required accessories with Easy Airtight Concept:

  • PVC foam tape
  • UNIFOIL airtightness foil


Contact Unilin Insulation for additional information. As well as any "bespoke" projects above 500sqm which require the use of another UNILIN roof product in the extensive range.

Product range

U-value [W/m2K] Insulation thickness[mm] (A) Thickness panel [mm] (E) Min./Max. weight[kg] Panel tichkness [mm]
  CB Green, CB White,
PLY P Deco
0,17 131 12 19,53/28,23 175  183 181
0,15 152 12 20,16/28,86 196 204 202
0,13 173 12 20,79/29,49  217 225 223
 0,11 200 12 21,60/30,3 244  252 250
Distance between counter battens [mm] (B) 10-355-355-355-10

Specific characteristics

CE λ 0,023 W/m.K
ETA ETA 10/0019
BBA 02/3897


The SW Easy Airtight roof panels are delivered under a technical approval ETA 10/0019 and a CE mark. The panels have also a BBA 02/3897 certificate.


Here you can find the accessories

Flex foam

Flexible PU foam to fill up joints between the boards and surrounding areas.

PU gun


Suitable for applying PU insulation foam.

Underlay felt

Uderlay felt

To make the roof wind and watertight.



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Download (PDF)

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