Flat roof insulation

Our UTHERM ROOF insulation boards are suitable for the thermal insulation of flat roofs. The boards combine a high compressive strength, form stability and light weight with of course a high insulation value.


Slim roof structure

UTHERM ROOF insulation boards are composed of PIR foam and have - depending on the facing - a lambda value between 0.020 and 0.027 W/mK. Thanks to this lambda value, your insulation can be thinner compared to other insulation materials, resulting in a thinner roof structure.

Light weight and dimensionally-stable and walkable

Thanks to the light weight of the PU hard foam (30kg/m³), large spans can be attained and the total boards are light in weight. The boards have a high standard pressure limitation, namely 150 kPa. This means concretely that the boards can be loaded up to 15000 kg per m². 


Moreover, PIR insulation has another great advantage, namely that it has a very high compression strength. When it is used on a flat roof it can simply be supported on it. Even walking on PIR insulation boards will not damage the material.

Choose the right insulation board 

Depending on the type of roof covering (roofing, EPDM and PVC) and the manner of processing of the roof covering (adhesively bonded, mechanical or with ballast), the right insulation board is chosen with a single specific facing. So be sure to consult our processing guidelines for this.

Boards with built-in slope

UTHERM ROOF B TAPERED and UTHERM ROOF L/LE TAPERED are insulation boards with a built-in slope (gradient 10, 15, 20 or 25 mm) and this for simple drainage of rainwater. The great advantage here is that no sloping screed has to be provided and this has a positive effect on the weight of the roof and produces a shorter processing time.

Quality guarantee and compatibility 

UNILIN offers different certifications as CE, EPD to guarantee the high quality standards of our PIR boards.

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