Attic insulation

UTHERM ATTIC solution ensures that you can insulate your attic from the inside without major interventions.


  • Simple, fast and convenient installation through small stairecase openings
  • Optimum thermal insulation for use in the interior wall (Gypsum Fibreboard, Plasterboard) or in the attic floor (OSB, Chipboard)
  • In the attic, the boards are suitable for load-bearing floors such as screed, timber and concrete
  • Easy to handle

Insulate your roof without major interventions

Many old houses already have mineral wool wedged between the spars or rafters of the roof, but its insulation value no longer meets the current energy requirements. UNILIN offers the solution of insulating your roof additionally from the inside of the pitched roof.

UNILIN does require an underlay for both products. An underlay protects your insulation against weather influences and must be water- and frost-resistant. Without an underlay it is impossible to insulate a roof from the inside, given that there is a chance that water will infiltrate into the insulating material and reduce the insulation performances. Don´t have an underlay and you have to remove the tiles from the roof? Then the best thing to do is to insulate the roof from the outside, i.e. according to the Sarking principle.

UNILIN likes to help you with your insulation project


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