Smart Insulation

UNILIN believes in smart insulation. That is why we do not merely offer good insulation products for smart building methods, but also smart products that do more than just insulate.
Smart products
  • UTHERM Sarking Comfort PIR L
  • UTHERM Wall Flex PIR L
  • Renotherm
Smart insulation
Building regulations are becoming ever stricter. That makes a smart approach is necessary. The only sustainable principle for lowering the energy level of your building is to eliminate energy loss.

Start with the building envelope
It all starts with a properly insulated building envelope* because (ideally) you only insulate your building once! Insulating the roof, walls and floors of your home with maximum efficiency increases your energy efficiency , improves your living comfort and protects the value of your home. This is a sustainable and sensible investment.


*Building envelope = The building envelope separates the living space from the outside world. It consists of the roof, facades, floors, windows and doors.

UNILIN likes to help you with your insulation project


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