Reference private residence
Reference private residence

Private residence

September 2015

Pitched roof

Utilising the benefits of superior PIR foam, UNIPUR panels have exceptional performance and come in varying thicknesses to meet the thermal performance required. In this instance, a depth of 175mm of PIR foam was used to give the entire roof structure a U-value of 0.18W/m2K.

"UNILIN panels are gaining appreciation from both architects and contractors for their thermal properties, reliability and speed of installation. For private residences such as this, they also create valuable extra roof space and mean that energy consumption bills can be dramatically reduced," comments Richard Smith, Sales Manager, UNILIN, division insulation.

Factory formed with integral rafters, UNIPUR panels provide both insulation and structural support for a variety of roof coverings such as traditional tiles, slates and zinc and can be installed at pitches between 15 and 60 degrees. This means that UNIPUR panels can provide a high performing insulating roof without disturbing traditional English roof aesthetics. In this instance the UNIPUR panels were supplied with an OSB inner facing.

With a reduction in the materials used within the roof structure, as well as UNIPUR's factory made quality, the 'all in one' panels dramatically cut installation time for the roof structure with installation rates of up to 500m2 per day achievable. With panels of up to eight metres in length, the most noticeable improvement occurs on large-scale public buildings such as schools and hospitals.

With BBA and IAB certification, UNILIN panels are suitable for both refurbishment and new build projects and are backed by a full warranty. 


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