Hellesdon hospital

July 2016

Pitched roof


Reference Hellesdon Hospital

The thermal efficiency of UNISPAN MW roof panels from UNILIN, along with their ability to minimise material consumption in the roof structure and to provide a fast-track building method, makes them the ideal solution for healthcare and other public sector buildings.

Specified by KLH Architects at an early stage to ensure the most efficient construction, approximately 2,000m2 of UNISPAN MW structural sandwich panels now provide an airtight and rigid roofing structure that meets the stringent requirements for sound insulation and fire ratings for large public buildings.

UNISPAN MW panels are available in different thicknesses to comply with Building Regulations Part L requirements. The mineral wool insulation is held between four rafters, which are stabilised by a ceiling board and upper board. The panels are available in lengths of up to eight-metres, ensuring the most efficient use of materials on the large roof areas of public sector buildings. The design of the PICU at Hellesdon Hospital involved both pitch and flat roofs and UNISPAN MW sandwich panels were used throughout.

Installed by Barnes Construction Limited, UNISPAN MW panels can be installed at rates of up to 500m2 per day, enabling fast-track construction and providing a weather-tight structure that helps to reduce overall construction times.

"The thermal performance of UNISPAN MW, along with all our structural insulated roof panels, means they are ideal for all buildings looking to reduce energy consumption and hence their impact on the environment," comments UNILIN, division insulation.

"The adaptability of structural insulated roof panels, their ability to reduce materials used in building construction and the fast track construction that they provide, make them particularly suitable for public sector buildings such as the Rollesby Ward, PICU at Hellesdon Hospital", concludes UNILIN.


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