August 2016

Pitched roof

Reference waldgrave

Adopting the MMC theory, Waldegrave Estates utilised the UNILIN roofing concept along with triple glazing and concrete formwork technology from Logix and Eco-Slab to build domestic dwellings that have no thermal leakage or bridging.

From the outside normal looking Somerset stone homes, according to an as built SAP report, even the smallest terrace achieves a Space Heating Requirement of 7.75KWh/m2 per year, equating to a monthly heating bill of just £6.00 per month.

With the exterior of the houses finished in local stone and the strict planning requirements of conservation areas, these three terraced houses prove that MMC can work in a traditional format and that UNILIN panels are the perfect roof for homes of now and the future.

With the Government's objective that new houses will have to be carbon neutral by 2015, UNILIN's UNIPUR panels are the ideal solution for achieving an airtight, thermally efficient roofing structure. Using the insulating properties of PIR foam, these factory-made panels also eliminate trussed rafters, cutting down on wasted roof space, raw materials and construction times.

To achieve different levels of insulation, UNIPUR panels were used in two depths while their all-in-one nature means that even semi-skilled labour finds them very quick to install, with installation rates of up to 500m2 per day achievable.


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