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    Product benefits of the UNISPAN HPIR panels

    -Incorporating PIR Foam is the key to the high performance of UNISPAN HPIR panels
    -A sandwich panel with vapour barrier for eliminating cold bridging resulting in improved thermal performance.
    -Thanks to an Easy Airtight system , the roof is built 100% airtight without a minimum use of foils
    -They can be installed to follow the slope of the roof (on purlins), or alternatively horizontal to the roof slope on rafters or structural trusses timber or steel frame.
    -The insulation is glued between a ceiling board (= inner facing) and a moisture resistant upper board.
    -The HPIR panels can be finished with ends cut to an angle at ridges and/or eaves level
    -The standard width is 800mm. Available length from 2400mm up to maximum 8000mm. Except: White painted chipboard inner facing to maximum 6630mm
    -On flat roofs, UNISPAN HPIR can be finished externally with a range of different roof coverings including bitumen, standing seam, EPDM, PVC, etc.
    -The thickness of the upper board must comply with the roof covering supplier's fixing requirements and with the relevant Building Regulations. Where the roof is subjected to high humidity (Climate Class IV and in swimming pools) please contact UNILIN for product feasibility.
    -The panel can be used in roofs and walls from pitches of 0 to 90 degrees

    Do not forget the PVC foamband and Unifoil to finish your roof airtight!