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    The product benefits of our UNIPUR PLUS roof panels are

    -Incorporating PIR Foam is the key to the high performance of UNIPUR PLUS Panels.
    -The panel is available with U values as low as 0.15 W/mK, with insulation no more than 192mm thick. As a result we can offer a roof panel with high thermal performance
    -The panels comprise 2 integral timber rafters in the longitudinal direction fixed to and stabilized by a rigid facing board which also forms the ceiling finish. These outer rafters are set back so that they can easily be combined at locations of the roof hips and valleys.
    -The top layer consists of a 3mm water-resistant chipboard (density: ca. 700 kg/m³) on which a spruce counter batten is glued. The 3mm chipboard of the top board is glued on the PIR-Foam. These 'all-in-one' panels are easy and very quick to install and ready to receive the roof covering. They create an airtight, virtually watertight, warm roof in a fraction of time compared with traditional methods.
    -The standard width is 800mm. Available length from 2000mm up to maximum 8000mm. Except: Plasterboard innner facing : to maximum 4800mm and White painted chipboard inner facing to maximum 6650mm